№ 2619. A stamp dedicated to the 250th anniversary of unification of Ingush Republic with Russia

Design artist – Povarihin A.

№ 2619  

The Republic of Ingushetia is the youngest republic in the composition of the Russian Federation established on June 4, 1992; it is located on northern slopes of the foreland of the Great Caucasian ridge, in its central part. The Republic comprises 4 Regions and 5 cities of republican subordination. The capital is the city of Magas.

The historical event — unification of Ingushetia with Russia — took place on March 17−19, 1770, near the settlement of Angusht (Tarskoye) of the Prigorodnii District on the flat-bottom terrain named Barta bose (Consent Slope). On July 12, 1770, the agreement for voluntary inclusion of Ingushetia in the composition of Russia was signed by Ingush patriarchs and approved by the Board for Foreign Affairs of Russia. In that manner, Ingushetia made a part of the Russian Empire.

The stamp provides an image of the national emblem of the Republic of Ingushetia; the decoration makes use of the national ornament. 


Paper Printing method Perforation Format of the Stamp Edition
Chalk surfaced Offset + security system Comb 12:12½ 58х26,5 120000


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